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For more information about the CVRC or about how to request a presentation by a CVRC representative, please contact the following people.

                                Jerome Ford

                          Program Director 

                            (719) 477-1639

Colorado Veterans Resource Coalition

Crawford House  

415 S. Weber St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

(719) 477-1639 Office

(719) 477-1689 Fax

CVRC Staff

Jerome Ford, MA. Program Director.  U.S. Air Force retired with 24 years' of service. Has been with the CVRC since March 2017.

Ginny RuckerBSTM. Program Director Assistant.  Over 25 years' experience, 5 years' working in a government position.  Spouse of an Army Veteran.  Has been with the CVRC since January 2016. (click name to send email)

Amy Holder, MSW.  HCHV Case Manager.  U.S. Air Force retired with 23 years of service.  5 years experience in Case Management.  Joined the CVRC in February 2019.

Tony Daniels, Head House Manager. Served 11.5 years' in the U.S. Army as an M.P.  Joined the CVRC in November 2018.

Ralph Delosa, Housing Advisor/House Manager.  

Kevin Baker, House  Manager. Served 11 years in the National Guard with 1 tour in Iraq as a Culinary Specialist.  Certified Peer Support Specialist, since July 2016.  Joined the CVRC in February 2019.


Don Phelps, House Manager.  

CVRC Board of Directors


Board President                                   Sheri Ferguson

COB                                                          Jim Tackett 

Vice President-1                                   Jay Bowen

Vice President-2                                  COL Leticia Sandrock

Secretary                                                Mike Bartol

Director, Womens Vet Affairs       Barbara Green

Director, Ministry & Outreach      Chaplain Glenn Thompson

Legal Adviser                                        Stephen Coutant

Director of Human Resources       Claire Del Conte

Treasurer                ___________ Marvin Weaver Jr.

Active Duty/Reserve_________ David Boyd

Member, At Large                               Bill Kirkman

Member, At Large___________ Ken Vegoren

Member, At Large___________ Eric Bradell

Member, At Large___________ Laurie Sanders

Member, At Large___________ Robert Sanders

Director, Marketing                            Vacant

Director, Corporate Relations        Vacant

Director, Homeless Vet affairs       Vacant

Director, Public affairs                      Vacant

Director, Fundraising                        Vacant

Director, Grant Writing                    Vacant

Director, Facilities                              Vacant

Staff Members/Interested Parties 

Program Director                                Jerome Ford, MA 

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