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A Step in the right Direction -Larry J.

Many times throughout our lives we tend to believe in something. For some it’s luck, karma, or even a higher power. As for me, it was gaining a relationship with GOD. Since traveling on this journey, I believe that everything that I have encountered has been ordained for a purpose in my life, leading to success. Due to some bad decisions on my part, I found myself in the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. During my time there I came across some information about a home for veterans called the Crawford house. Immediately after receiving this information (minutes after), someone walked up to me and told me not to go to the Crawford House because I would be in the system and it would affect the rest of my life. Well this individual could not have been more wrong and right, all in the same statement.

When I got to the Crawford House I was definitely in the system. It is a system that allowed me to register with the local VA Clinic. It is also a system that connected me with the right people to begin receiving compensation for my service connected disabilities. Last but not least, it was a system that put me in contact with some overall good people, to include Vicky Pettis, Bill Kirkman, and countless others. As far as affecting the rest of my life, the Crawford House did just that!!! When I first got to the house I was a boy in a man’s body. My time there was almost terminated due to not fulfilling my responsibilities as a resident, but Ms. Vicky gave me one last chance. Eventually I would complete the homeless program and move to “the blue house”. A few months later I moved back to the Crawford House as the assistant manager. During that 3.5 year stint I grew as a man and a professional. The Crawford House certainly was the catapult for this new era in my life. I received both my Associates and Bachelor’s degree in my time managing the Crawford House. In 2014, I received my Masters Degree in professional counseling.

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