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The Crawford House program provides temporary housing for single veterans who are homeless and it provides a temporary structured living environment for veterans for 90 days as they are assisted in finding permanent housing and employment.


Crawford House provides a drug- and alcohol-free structured environment with 24/7 on-site house managers, case management, counseling, training in independent living skills, and job search assistance. It also provides residents with semi-private rooms and bathrooms, three meals every day, snacks, communal kitchen and living areas and laundry facilities.


The adjacent houses at 425 and 431 S. Weber Street, which are owned and operated by CVRC as transitional housing for homeless single veterans, have 9 beds total and provide temporary, low-cost rental housing in a boarding-house environment on a transitional basis.

Programs & Activities 

The goal of the program is to make it possible for homeless single veterans to get a job and a place to live on their own by the time they complete their program.

Therapeutic and rehabilitative services provided to all residents include:

  • Structured group activities (social, physical, etc.) emphasizing community interaction.

  • Supportive social services and case management provided by a clinician on staff.

  • Counseling on self-care skills, adaptive coping skills and anger management skills.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation program.

  • Assistance in learning responsible living patterns to achieve more adaptive psycho-social functioning, upgraded social skills and improved personal relationships.

  • Instruction and assistance with health and personal hygiene.

  • Support for an alcohol/drug-free lifestyle.

  • Discharge planning and housing assistance.

The entire program is funded by VA contracts, grants, individual and corporate donations, fund-raisers, contributions from various agencies and businesses, and rent paid by vets in the transitional housing.


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