Bruce Johnson

My Testimony


My success story happened this way:  I arrived in Colorado Springs in February 2016.  I was not sure of what to expect, I was just looking for work.  The day I arrived there was a blizzard and that night I stayed in the warming shelter, which belonged to the Salvation Army.  I ended up being there three days because the snow shut the city down and there was no public transportation.  After three days, I went to the V.A. clinic looking to see if there were any advocates for homeless veterans.  I had placed all my belongings in the bus terminal lockers and I began my research for employment.  I arrived at Rocky Mountain Human Services where they offered classes on employment and resume writing.  After a month of my travels, I met Victor Bailey, an advocate for the Homeless Program. 

Victor explained to me about the Crawford House and that I would be placed on

a waiting list.  He then called me back the next day, said I was next to go into the Crawford House, and that he may have an employment lead for me.  I rushed to his office the following day, was interviewed by Habitat for Humanity, and was hired as a forklift operator.  This job didn’t pay a lot of money, but I was employed, and I also went into the Crawford House’s Homeless Program the same day.  Later, I was offered a position as a manager at the Crawford House where I would be making more money.  I accepted the position and I have been here since April 15, 2016.  I was later laid off from my forklift job and after applying for several positions in my trade (HVAC Technician) with no success, I looked at my age and thought maybe that was playing a factor in not being employed.   I am currently at the age of 61 years and the Crawford house has allowed me to reside at the Veteran’s apartments on Fontmore Road, where I have been successfully housed for two consecutive years.   

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